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About 1DOC3

1DOC3 is an e-health platform that connects 490 million Spanish speakers with licensed and trusted doctors. Users find personalized answers to their health related questions. Doctors build their online reputation, find new patients and create the biggest health related questions and answers curated database in Spanish. The Platform is available via web, App, SMS and USSD, allowing the entire population to have access to a Doctor no matter where they are, or even if they don't have internet access.
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  • 51-100 Employees
  • Bogotá, Colombia Location

Overview of Product Management @ 1DOC3

The 1DOC3 team is looking for a Fellow with experience in Product Management, preferably at a large company or a growing startup for which product is a core function, to support the management team in planning the restructuring their existing platform, which today receives 1 million visitors per day. The project will include defining a product roadmap for different products, including a strategy around monetizing the data more effectively. The project also involves turning customer data into insights that can be used to inform the product roadmap.


Mission Statement

Make health information accessible for everyone.

Team @ 1DOC3

Product Management

1DOC3 is a team of globally-minded technologists and health industry experts who are passionate about connecting people with valuable health information and experts in the health space.

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