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About mPharma

With a mission to make prescription drugs affordable and accessible to emerging markets throughout Africa, mPharma is a venture-backed startup based in the Ghanaian city of Accra. They partner with major pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and governments to enable patients with chronic conditions access to vital, yet affordable, medications.

Not only does mPharma manage prescription drug inventory for pharmacies and their suppliers in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe, but the company is using its growing purchasing power to help lower the cost of prescription drugs for patients. By offering structured payment plans, patients can utilize credit to pay for their drugs when and where they need them while ensuring that medications are always in stock.

By lowering the costs of purchasing drugs, mPharma is enabling hospitals to invest money directly into new equipment and training staff while health insurance providers can reduce their reimbursement costs. This innovative startup is transforming the way prescription drugs are bought and sold across Africa while impacting the lives of thousands with chronic diseases.
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  • 1-50 Employees
  • Accra, Ghana Location

Overview of Various Roles @ mPharma

mPharma has several open roles:

1) Process Optimization - optimize processes and have controls in place so everyone adheres to the same process across mPharma hubs and functions. They have grown very quickly across Africa and currently have presence in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia, and need someone who can assess processes for patients and partner companies to standardize them and increase effectiveness at scale.
Human capital redesign - organizational redesign. Grew very quickly from the start and have never thought about how to structure the organization and how to think of roles across geographies and functions. Also someone to look at remuneration from a holistic perspective.

2) Human capital redesign - mPharma grew very quickly from the start and they have never thought about how to structure the organization and how to think of roles across geographies and functions. This is a strategic role for someone to look at the organization from a holistic perspective, including remuneration.

3) Business Operations and Supply Chain - this role is about implementing an ERP for supply chain, working with the operations team to automate and map processes and design those processes for scale.


Mission Statement

Make prescription drugs in emerging markets easily accessible and affordable.

Team @ mPharma

Various Roles

At mPharma, our loyalty is with the patient. We start and end our day thinking about how we can enable anyone with a chronic condition afford their medications. We work with Payers, Providers and Drug Manufacturers to develop solutions that make drugs accessible and affordable for patients across Africa.

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