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About Aldeamo

Founded in 2004 by Hans Christian Boehlke, Carl Petter Boehlke and Alfredo Angel, Aldeamo connects people and companies to make their lives easier through technology. The services are interactive and use technologies such as SMS, E-mail, Voice Messages, Push Notifications and USSD to facilitate communication from any device. It has more than 300 corporate clients in 11 countries in Latin America.

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  • 51-100 Employees
  • Bogotá, Colombia Location

Overview of Strategic Plan Associate @ Aldeamo

The strategic planning where we must determine how Aldeamo can make the best use of its resources (workforce, capital, customers, technology, data, etc.) in the future (Until 2023), defining the strategy or direction, establishing the possible ways through which particular courses of action can be followed, based on their current situation.

The planning must answer these questions: 1) What we do and where are we now, 2) Who we do it for 3) How we will differentiate ourselves from the competition, 4) Where are we going? 5) How will we get there? 6) What should be our future strategy?

Skills and Qualifications:
Financial skills, analytical and strategic skills, consulting experience ideal. Strategic plan development experience.

Spanish fluency preferred but not required


Mission Statement

Connect people and companies to make their lives easier through technology.

Team @ Aldeamo

Strategic Plan Associate

Hans, Carl and Alfredo began to as entrepreneurs (separately) from an early age, and in Scandinavia, inspired by how mobile phones contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people, they decided to create the company.

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