Head of Operations

Higher Mind

About Higher Mind

Higher Mind is an exciting startup that is shaking up the functional and energy drink market. Higher Mind is an all-natural, low-sugar nootropics based beverage that provides an immediate boost in alertness, memory, and focus, while also providing long-term brain health benefits.
You can find more info at https://highermindwellness.com/password

  • 1-50 Employees
  • New York, United States Location

Overview of Head of Operations @ Higher Mind

This key position will be responsible for overseeing daily operational activities including guidance of the production activities of the brand including Logistics, Packaging, Quality Control, Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment. The head of operations will provide hands-on management of operations and manufacturing.


Mission Statement

Provide our consumers with a healthy replacement to energy drinks. In the words of the founders - "We founded Higher Mind to help people power their minds, without the added sugar, jittery-side effects, and “the crash.” There’s a better way."

Team @ Higher Mind

Head of Operations

Higher Mind´s team includes great professionals with experience building and scaling successful B2C companies.

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