Operations and Supply Chain


About Sistema.bio

Sistema.bio is the worldwide leading digester company since 2010 in the production and implementation of small and medium-scale biodigester systems in LATAM, Africa, and India. The company manufactures, finances and services a patented biogas system that converts human, animal and agricultural waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizer. A Mexico-based company, Sistema.bio has offices in Nicaragua, Colombia, Kenya and the India.
You can find more info at http://sistema.bio/

  • 1-50 Employees
  • Nairobi, Kenya Location

Overview of Operations and Supply Chain @ Sistema.bio

As a Via Fellow at Sistema.bio you’ll be integrated into the team and help the company be more efficient in their operations and supply chain. For this role you will travel between their headquarters in Mexico and in Kenya.


Mission Statement

To create value from waste.

Team @ Sistema.bio

Operations and Supply Chain

The Sistema.bio team is dedicated to work intensely every day for the wellbeing of small and medium-sized farmers, climate change mitigation and the harmony of rural communities with our planet. Alexander Eaton, the CEO and co-founder of Sistema.bio, was named an Ashoka Fellow, a Switzer Environmental Leadership Fellow, and one of the Top Ten Latin American Entrepreneurs. Alex has a MS in Environmental Engineering and a BA in Journalism.

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