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Fundacion Paraguaya

About Fundacion Paraguaya

Fundación Paraguaya is a leading edge self-sufficient social enterprise founded in Paraguay in 1985 that seeks to develop innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment, and proactively disseminate them throughout the world
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  • 201-500 Employees
  • Asuncion, Paraguay Location

Overview of Via Fellow @ Fundacion Paraguaya

You will be working within Fundación Paraguaya using an award-winning methodology developed by them to improve poverty by first diagnosing it called “Poverty Stoplight”. Poverty Stoplight is a platform that helps people lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. Based on a technological platform, the Stoplight offers an auto evaluation survey for families to evaluate their current poverty level and create strategies for their specific needs. Our internship program offers many areas in which you can work in including:

• Stoplight for Companies: You will work directly with Paraguayan companies to do activities focused on eliminating poverty within their organization.
• Stoplight Community: You will unite internal and external stakeholders in the program including media, government and other non-profit organizations.
• International Stoplight: You will help other international organizations in implementing the Stoplight for their regions.
• Stoplight Data Analysis: You will help organize the data that we receive on the surveys as well as optimize the way they view this information.

Skills Required:

• Spanish language knowledge: intermediate to advanced
• Strong interpersonal communication
• Team work
• Problem solving skills
• Leadership efforts


Mission Statement

To develop and implement practical, innovative and sustainable solutions which eliminate poverty and create decent living conditions for every family.

Team @ Fundacion Paraguaya

Via Fellow

The Founder of Fundacion Paraguaya formerly served as Mayor of Asunción, Vice Minister of Commerce, and Chief of Staff to the President of Paraguay. He is a founding member of the Moisés Bertoni and Mbaracayu foundations; and of Teach A Man To Fish, an NGO based in London that promotes the agricultural school model in 35 countries.

He is a professor at American and African Universities and regularly attends the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford. He is an author of books on economics, development, education, and poetry.

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