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About Fundnel

Fundnel is a licensed private investment platform that offers unlisted securities in growth and pre-IPO stage companies across industries to a qualified network of over 10,000 investors, comprising both professional – private equity, venture capital, corporate venture capital, family offices, angel investor networks – and individually accredited investors actively looking to diversify their current portfolio. Under the mentorship of seasoned investors and the real-time guidance of industry experts, the company helps entrepreneurs and businesses to bring their ideas to real and lasting life.
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  • 1-50 Employees
  • Singapore, Singapore Location

Overview of Growth Manager @ Fundnel

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Develop, implement, measure and report on all digital marketing efforts across online channels such as Affiliates, Display, Email, Video, Social Media and SEO/SEM strategies
• Develop and manage digital marketing dashboards for traffic and user acquisition, conversion performance, spend and revenue targets
• Determine the best use of budget to achieve strategic marketing objectives
• Develop, execute, measure and optimise ongoing content strategy that our companies, investors and followers will be interested in
• Develop and execute distribution strategy for Fundnel’s content to drive visibility and interest
• Identify gaps and/or new opportunities to drive business growth and execute swift, innovative methods to grow users (companies and investors, online and offline) as well as conversion further down the funnel
• Develop strategic partnerships with relevant conferences, meet-ups, events, etc, to broaden Fundnel’s top of funnel prospects
• Update stakeholders and management on key industry trends, media research, marketplace conditions, and how it impacts the business; make strategic recommendations accordingly
• Manage growth team and external partners, agencies, associations
• Work closely with product and tech teams to align on business and product roadmap

Skills & Experience Required:

• At least 5 years of digital marketing and growth strategy experience
• Strong knowledge of growth hacking / lean startup methods
• Proficiency with Google Analytics, CRM tools, Affiliate Marketing, WeChat, Telegram, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Management
• Detail-oriented and confidence with analytics and numbers
• Strong organizational and relationship-building skills
• Able to communicate effectively across team functions and comfortable managing down and up organizational structures.
• Excellent writing skills

The ideal candidate should be:

• Flexible and willing/eager to contribute and support the team in a variety of roles in addition to digital marketing & growth hacking
• Interested in learning about different industries and passionate about private capital transactions
• Technology Evangelist
• Hungry to learn, results oriented and highly motivated


Mission Statement

Our purpose has always been to build a crowdfunding network that allows us to create a partnership of equals for both investors and businesses to thrive in, positioning them to be future contributors to the open access economy for generations to come.

Team @ Fundnel

Growth Manager

Fundnel has a growing team of over 30 people spread across regional offices in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia and India. Kelvin Lee, Co-Founder & CEO of Fundnel, is a former investment banker in J.P. Morgan. He started Fundnel with a whiteboard, a Razer laptop and a group of people with an ambition to build a new industry in Singapore.

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