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About Salauno

SalaUno is the largest integrated eye care provider in Mexico. The company is focused on reducing geographic, economic and information barriers that prevent patients from restoring their sight and therefore capacity to enjoy life and produce economic value. SalaUno’s vision is to become the leading specialized health services provider in Mexico by offering innovative solutions to conditions that affect large segments of the population.
You can find more info at https://www.salauno.com.mx/

  • 201-500 Employees
  • Mexico City, Mexico Location

Overview of H.R. Fellow @ Salauno

Join Salauno's expansion plans by becoming part of their recruiting team. Help them develop the organization and become more agile.


Mission Statement

SalaUno’s mission is to “eliminate needless blindness in Mexico” by providing affordable and accessible eye care services to patients of all income levels.

Team @ Salauno

H.R. Fellow

Carlos Orellana and Javier Okhuysen founded SalaUno in 2011 to create a cost-efficient, high-quality solution to the growing problem with access to eye care medical services in Mexico. Orellana, originally from El Salvador, and Okhuysen, from Mexico, were both trained as engineers but shared an ambition to one day build a company that could do well by doing good. Early on, the founders had decided to allocate responsibilities according to their respective strengths. Orellana focused on day-to-day operations, including human resources, and Okhuysen on long-term strategic growth, building partnerships, and raising capital. Management tasks were divided along similar lines between two teams. The Short Cycle team focused on operations, quality, and service, while the Long Cycle team focused on expansion, relationships with payers, volume generation, fundraising, digitalization, and efficient capital expenditure.

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