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About Minu

With a mission to revolutionize the financial health of millions of Mexicans, MINU is addressing the needs of those who have been failed by the big banks, despite being regular earners in a middle socioeconomic bracket. Many have difficulty making it to payday without borrowing money or taking out expensive loans, with MINU aiming to offer more convenient access to funds and a greater individual understanding of their personal finances.

The target market is those with a smartphone who are relatively tech-savvy, with MINU offering access to affordable advances at their fingertips. It’s designed for those who want a simpler way to manage their personal finances, with real-time access to daily salary accumulation, expense categorization, and historical comparisons. A debit card is required for offline payments and ATM withdrawals, as well as online and P2P payments.
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  • 1-50 Employees
  • Mexico City, Mexico Location

Overview of Chief Technology Officer @ Minu

MINU is on the lookout for a Chief Technology Officer/Tech Lead to join them in their Mexico City office, helping to determine the company’s tech strategy and create a roadmap for development and deployment. You’ll be tasked with defining programming languages and frameworks, as well as developing, testing and deploying various methodologies. In addition to recruiting, the Chief Technology Officer will be building operating systems and infrastructure while working alongside the Head of BI to define data architecture and a strategy for machine learning.

They’re after an individual with similar experience in a start-up or new tech project, including hiring, motivating and leading a high-performance tech team. As a full stack developer, you’ll need knowledge of Python, Java, Scala and Clojure, as well as be an expert using Amazon or Microsoft Azure cloud. Experience in applications that require real-time decisions is also essential, as is finding API integrations with third-party services. Ideally, you’ve led teams that have not only operated but built their own software, with the ability to continually develop and integrate through daily “mini-releases”.


Mission Statement

Revolutionize the financial health of millions of Mexicans

Team @ Minu

Chief Technology Officer

The company is funded by top Fin Tech angel investors and VCs while being led by a Harvard-educated entrepreneur. He brings a decade’s experience working in tech startups and was most recently Head of Retail Banking at Banco Sabadell - Mexico’s first mobile-only bank. He’s teamed up with a London School of Economics graduate and partner at Oliver Wyman’s Mexico City office who most recently led a 450-person team as the COO of Banco Sabadell

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