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About I2B Technologies

Developing innovative tech solutions for everyday business problems, I2B Technologies is a pioneering consultant for digital strategies, software development and AI projects. From identifying and debugging their client’s needs to the monitoring of implemented strategies, they deliver an end-to-end service that transforms businesses into more efficient operations with improved user interactions.

I2B Technologies understands that future business challenges will be solved through technology, with web and mobile channels the main tools for interacting with customers, employees and suppliers. Their work focuses on five main areas: company development, tech deployment, online presence, user experience and inbound marketing.

Assisting businesses in harnessing and capitalizing on the opportunities that technology presents lies at the core of what I2B Technologies does. The key to their expansion is the creation of tech platforms that have the capacity to grow rapidly and adapt to the needs of their global clients. In addition to offices in Chile, the company also has a presence in Peru, Columbia, India and the United States.
You can find more info at http://www.i2btech.com/nuestra-empresa/

  • 101-200 Employees
  • Santiago, Chile Location

Overview of Operational Manager @ I2B Technologies

I2B Technologies is on the lookout for a dynamic Operational Manager to lead the development, evolution and implementation of management processes that will enable the company to shift its performance frontier. You’ll be tasked with improving the current operational processes and helping to scale the business while developing long-term initiatives as the business model evolves.

From negotiating the terms of sales to closing deals, the Operational Manager will be responsible for supervising a range of projects and services across the board. You’ll assist the Financial Manager and CTO/PMO in continually devising improvements, drawing on your 5+ years of experience in an operational role and at least 10 years in the workforce.

Ideally, you’ll have a Civil Engineer B.E. or Business B.A. with an MBA, coupled with proven skills in managing teams and delegating responsibilities. You’ll be an expert at maintaining control of a company’s operations, with a consulting background or experience in tech project management both desirable. I2B Technologies is after someone with highly-tuned corporate negotiating abilities who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty, with knowledge of Spanish a plus.


Mission Statement

Enable our partner companies to achieve their goals by enabling them the use of technology

Team @ I2B Technologies

Operational Manager

Founded in 2000 with the objective of helping clients resolve their business problems by using technologies to help them achieve their goals.

We are now a company with over 100 employees distributed between our offices in Chile, Colombia and Peru

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