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About Creditas

Harnessing innovative, digital technology to deliver accessible loans, Creditas is on a mission to democratize low-interest products and distribute resources that weren’t previously reaching some consumers. The company is helping to increase the supply of fair and secure loans while injecting new money into the system.

Rather than determining loan interest rates solely on the operational costs and risk of defaulting (as seen with traditional lenders), Creditas allows clients to use goods as collateral to access lower rates and smaller installments. All services are conducted online using their digital platform, helping to reduce the agency overheads that are otherwise passed onto consumers.

Creditas prides itself on cultivating a diverse and inclusive working environment, with people who are passionate about bringing about positive change. Staff at all levels are encouraged to express their ideas, without the rigid hierarchies that have long been associated with the lending world. They seek out both young and energetic talent, as well as experienced professionals to create a space where everyone can learn, teach and share their knowledge.
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  • 101-200 Employees
  • State of São Paulo, Brazil Location

Overview of Financial Planning & Analysis @ Creditas

Tasked with preparing financial projects and monitoring the company’s results, Creditas is after a passionate individual to take on the role of Financial Planning & Analysis. You’ll be responsible for ensuring their business model is constantly on the rise by controlling financial statements and goals, as well as revenues, costs and expenses. Drawing on your previous experience in financial planning and investment banking, you’ll monitor the company’s budget and prepare monthly presentations for the Board.

Creditas is after someone with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to liaise with both current and potential investors, as well as being driven to continually learn. In addition to being highly organized, you’ll thrive on responsibility and have a sense of urgency to get things done. You’ll be proactive in creating and developing process flows, with sound skills in both Excel and PowerPoint.

In return, you’ll get to work for a team that plays to win and is constantly challenging its members both in the office and as part of the Creditas Endurance program. A gym pass, dental plan and life insurance come with the job, together with study assistance and in-company English classes if required.


Mission Statement

Creditas was born from the mission of reducing interest rates in Brazil.

Team @ Creditas

Financial Planning & Analysis

We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is essential to bring about positive change. From young talent filled with energy to more experienced professionals, everyone learns, teaches and shares what they know. We also do not believe in very rigid hierarchies. Therefore, in Creditas everyone has the space and autonomy to expose their ideas. But as "great powers bring great responsibilities," we also expect responsibility and commitment in return.

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