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African Leadership Academy

About African Leadership Academy

On a mission to transform Africa, the African Leadership Academy is a residential secondary institution that identifies and nurtures the next generation of leaders. It was founded in 2004 (with the academy officially opening four years later), teaching 16 to 19 year-olds an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes African Studies and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

It was established in response to poor leadership across the continent and the fact that many African parents were sending their children abroad to receive a world-class education. In addition to offering a core curriculum, the academy creates opportunities to practice leadership and entrepreneurial skills through simulation and project-based learning.

The African Leadership Academy’s goal is to develop a powerful network of leaders that will work together to achieve extraordinary social impact and accelerate Africa’s growth trajectory. Today, their alumni are spread across more than 45 countries and working on projects that include health care provision, hunger eradication and conflict resolution.
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  • 51-100 Employees
  • Johannesburg, South Africa Location

Overview of Growth and Entrepreneurship Associate @ African Leadership Academy

Helping to create Africa’s next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, the African Leadership Academy is after a Special Projects Associate to work under the Vice President in Growth & Entrepreneurship. This role will see you supporting the strategic execution of dedicated programs as part of the organization’s five-year plan, as well as contributing significantly towards the Anzisha Prize.

You’ll be tasked with creating and strengthening key relationships and collaborative activities with partners, as well as implementing systems and processes that will enhance the organization’s efficiency. In addition to supporting the African Leadership Academy’s existing entrepreneurship programs, you’ll serve as a staff advisor for 6-8 students on their ALA journey.

They’re after a pre-MBA who can commit for two years and with a desire to learn about experiential education, venture capital and managing a social enterprise. Ideally, you’ll be a high-performer with consulting or investing experience while being passionate about all aspects of entrepreneurship and issues impacting the African continent. The role will require you to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and English fluency plus competency in French, Portuguese or Arabic will be looked upon favorably.


Mission Statement

African Leadership Academy seeks to transform Africa by developing its future leaders.

Team @ African Leadership Academy

Growth and Entrepreneurship Associate

Born in Ghana but having lived and worked in almost 10 countries across Africa, Fred Swaniker was deeply concerned about the extent to which the African continent was suffering as a result of poor leadership. He also discovered that some African parents were paying extremely high school fees to send their children abroad. He envisioned a world-class academic institution on the African continent where the most outstanding young students can develop into leaders who are passionate about the continent and eager to make an impact. Fred shared his concept with friends, among them co-founders Peter Mombaur and Acha Leke, who agreed to provide the initial financial backing.

It wasn’t until later when Fred went to Stanford Graduate School of Business where Fred met Chris Bradford that the concept for African Leadership Academy came to fruition. Chris had developed a keen interest in the design of educational institutions, and in their potential to shape societies, and both he and Fred shared a unified dream of transforming a country’s leadership landscape by transforming educational systems.

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