Business Strategy

Grupo Adventures - Cabo

About Grupo Adventures - Cabo

The Adventures Group is the leading tour company in Mexico and the Caribbean. Cabo Adventures is its Los Cabos subsidiary, which focuses on designing and operating the most unique adventure-filled experiences for travelers from around the world in the Baja Peninsula.
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  • 101-200 Employees
  • Baja California Sur, Mexico Location

Overview of Business Strategy @ Grupo Adventures - Cabo

Work closely with Cabo Adventures CEO and Management Team to analyze company operations from their multiple tours to find opportunities to grow and increase efficiency. The company is all about experiences... and the only way to understand the company is to experience the tours yourself! The role combines on the field experiences working with teams running tours, as well as working with the management team to analyze and present findings.


Mission Statement

Connect people around the world to nature through unique, adventure-filled experiences.

Team @ Grupo Adventures - Cabo

Business Strategy

An unforgettable experience begins with remarkable employees! The Adventures Group is a team of 3,000+ free-spirited, young and adventurous people from a variety of backgrounds and countries unified by one passion: creating unforgettable experiences for travelers from around the world.

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