Business Development


About Gus

Gus develops and licenses intelligent chatbots for the Spanish-speaking market. Gus was founded in mid-2015 as a personal assistant via chat to which you could ask for virtually anything. With the vision of scaling up the business, they invested in developing technology to automate their own operations. The final product turned out to be so powerful that it opened up an even more interesting business opportunity: licensing the technology to other companies. Based in Mexico and growing in Spain and Latin America, Gus Chat is committed to being the best in its class in terms of user experience, technology and innovation.

  • 1-50 Employees
  • Mexico City, Mexico HQ

Overview of Business Development @ Gus

Work closely with Gus chat Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Business Development to define and scale processes for growth. Develop sales material, participate in sales meetings, analyze opportunities and support in setting up a Sales and BD structure designed for success.

Mission Statement

Enable people to interact with companies simply and effectively.

Team @ Gus

Business Development

The visionary founders of Gus Chat developed AI and machine learning capabilities long before they became buzzwords. They are now one of the leading AI platforms in the Mexico market, and growing fast into new corporate segments.

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