Pear Venture Capital

About Pear Venture Capital

Pear is an early-stage venture fund in Silicon Valley founded by Pejman Nozad and Mar Hershenson. They have historically seeded very early stage tech start-ups such as Dropbox, Lending Club, Zoosk, Addepar, Path and many others. Their motto is simple: they invest in exceptional founders who are building amazing companies. They utilize every resource they have to assist their founders and entrepreneurs shape the future.

  • 1-50 Employees
  • Palo Alto, United States HQ

Overview of Operations @ Pear Venture Capital

Pear is constantly on the look-out for smart, driven, entrepreneurial talent who can help them lead and run programs they run for entrepreneurs they want to get to know, and for current portfolio companies. Apply to learn more about openings for their Pear Launchpad Program, the Pear Consulting Program, and others and have the unique opportunity to work at a leading early-stage Venture Fund in Silicon Valley!

Mission Statement

Help founders build category defining companies from the ground up.

Team @ Pear Venture Capital


The Pear team understands what it means to build something from nothing. They are immigrants, who came to America penniless, but with big ideas. Mar Hershenson, an entrepreneur originally from Spain with a .PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford. co-founded three startups in the mobile, e-commerce, enterprise software and semiconductor industries. Pejman immigrated to the US from Iran and with just $700 in his pocket, worked at a yogurt shop, then as a rug salesman, and eventually convinced the rug store owner to launch a seed fund he ran out of the rug shop. The rest is history..

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