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About Trove

One of every five women in America experience sexual assault, three in five have experienced sexual harrassment. Trove makes it easier for women who are struggling to recover from sexual harrassment or assault to find help, track progress, and improve personal resilience. Complementary to therapy, Trove is a community of survivors helping survivors, and guides users from healing to advocacy. The Trove app enables registered users to share their story, assess where they are, create a healing plan, monitor their progress, and connect with others in a safe environment.

  • 1-50 Employees
  • San Francisco, United States HQ

Overview of Business Development @ Trove

Trove is an early stage startup and is looking for people who are motivated by their mission to work directly with the founder on three projects: 1) Review potential business models, analyze user feedback and research for each, and provide recommendations for the Trove App business model. 2) Curate content of women's experiences with sexual harrassment and assault to tell stories about recovery and healing. This is probably an emotional but powerful project- speaking to victims and inspiring others who are on the path to recovery 3) Research academic studies on sexual harrassment and violence and translate them into content for Trove users that is easy to read and understand and act on.

Mission Statement

Heal the world by healing ourselves

Team @ Trove

Business Development

Amelia Gilbert is Founder & CEO of Trove. She is an experienced team builder, project manager, and sexual violence advocate with deep knowledge of systems and services affecting sexual assault survivors. Rizwan Reza is CTO and brings 10+ years engineering & graphic design, as well as expertise in brand identity, social networks, productivity applications, and product launches.

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