Various Roles


About Creditas

With innovation and technology, we were able to start the democratization of low interest products, putting us in a new level in the Brazilian credit environment. We change the way we contract and how we grant credit. We distribute resources that previously did not reach the consumer, injecting new money into the system to increase the supply of a fair, secure and honest product.
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  • 101-200 Employees
  • São Paulo, Brazil Location

Overview of Various Roles @ Creditas

Creditas is growing fast and has several Via projects:
1) Business Development - assessing new businesses and channels that Creditas can expand to, (ex- home, auto loans), and what assets can be used for loan collaterals.
2) Product Research - develop a detailed assessment of global origination and funding platforms and benchmark them to the Creditas offering to find opportunities and differentiators.
3) Product and Ops Consulting - how can Creditas leverage service to retain customers and attract new ones? Analyze other solutions and provide recommendations for Creditas.
4) Innovation with Blockchain - assess best practices and how Creditas could leverage blockchain technology to improve its product offering.
5) Credit Modelling. Understand how personal credit works in Brazil and how it can be used in existing Creditas products.
6) Strategic Marketing - how is the Creditas brand perceived, and what is the current positioning? Provide recommendations on how this can be improved.


Mission Statement

Creditas was born from the mission of reducing interest rates in Brazil.

Team @ Creditas

Various Roles

We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment is essential to bring about positive change. From young talent filled with energy to more experienced professionals, everyone learns, teaches and shares what they know. We also do not believe in very rigid hierarchies. Therefore, in Creditas everyone has the space and autonomy to expose their ideas. But as "great powers bring great responsibilities," we also expect responsibility and commitment in return.

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