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About Lumkani

Lumkani is a social enterprise that seeks to address the challenge of shack/slum fires in urban informal settlements in South Africa and across the globe. Informal settlements or urban slums are categorized by high population and structural density, low incomes and little to no infrastructure. A significant challenge facing people living in these spaces is the incidence and spread of fires, which can lead to displacement, loss of life, and continues the cycle of poverty. To solve this, Lumkani has developed a technology-based, low-cost, off-the-shelf, proactive early warning system designed for informal settlement environments. Since 2014, Lumkani has delivered devices to 10,000+ households.

  • 51-100 Employees
  • Cape Town, South Africa HQ

Overview of Product Insights @ Lumkani

Lumkani is already detecting fires and creating value in urban slums, all the while collecting data around its technology, the fire challenge, and the human experience. Lumkani is looking for Fellows to join them in analyzing data from their product and coming up with insights, experiments and prototypes to test on the field with its users.

Mission Statement

Mitigate the loss of life and property associated with the spread of fires in urban slums around the world.

Team @ Lumkani

Product Insights

Passionate about the development and health of informal settlements and urban slums around the world, starting with helping avoid the loss caused by avoidable fires.

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